Helena Edwards

Helena Edwards is a professionally accredited yoga and meditation teacher.


She is an experienced teacher and has received extensive training in the application of yoga and somatic movement including back pain, musculo-skeletal issues, stess, anxiety, depression and trauma. She has completed additional teacher training to qualify to teach pregnancy yoga, yoga for children and families and yoga for teens. 


Her yoga teaching style integrates somatics, embodied anatomy and mindfulness & compassion.


Helena is a qualified Occupational Therapist and therefore has a keen interest in the therapeutic qualities of yoga and an ability to adapt practice to suit personal needs. When she is not teaching yoga and meditation, she works in the NHS. She has been succesfully integrating yoga and mindfulness into her work with children and families for some time. 

Her OT work specialices in Sensory Integration Therapy and Sensory Attachment Intervention, which allows Helena to utilise her understanding of the brain and the body in her yoga and mindfulness training.  


In summer 2015 she had the honour to travel to Texas to complete teacher training with Lindsey Lieneck, the founder of Yogapeutics, to train to teach sensory enhanced aerial yoga and mindfulness to children. 


Helena is especially interested in compassion-based techniques drawing from both Tibetan Buddhist practices as well as the work of Professor Paul Gilbert. She has completed One Year Compassion training with the Mindfulness Association and has a Masters degree in mindfulness with the University of Aberdeen. Her dissertation explored the role of self-compassion with parents of children with additional needs.