Somatic Movement

The word soma means our ability to experience the body from within. Somatic exercises develop deeper awareness of our bodies and movement patterns. As we age most of us develop patterns of holding chronic tension in our bodies. This condition of constant, tight and painful muscle contraction is known as “sensory motor amnesia”. Put simply, the brain has forgotten how to relax the muscles fully.


Somatics is a proven neuromuscular exercise system that cultivates inner awareness and retrains the brain to reverse old habits, therefore offering permanent pain relief. With Somatic Movement Education, you will be able to make long lasting changes to your posture, movement and ability to manage the effects of physical stress.


Helena has completed Somatic Movement Exercise Coach training with Align Somatics in London. Her private and group yoga classes integrate somatic exercises into the practice. She also runs special Somatic Movement workshops.


You can book a private lesson or see events page for details on workshops.